Paragon Peek-a-Boo Series Tea Plate designed by Chloe Preston

Stock No. 473 

A Paragon baby's plate designed by Chloe Preston from her Peek-a-Boo Series in 1918 and produced in 1919, illustrated with little boys (in imitation of their fathers) coming out of an army recruiting office which has a placard outside reading "CALL TO ARMS YOUR KING & COUNTRY NEED YOU"
The illustration also bears the printed signature of "CHLOE PRESTON".
This series was designed towards the end of the first World War, when young boys would typically play at being soldiers and little girls as nurses - emulating the majority of their elders who had largely been involved in the First World War for the preceding four years.
Marked to the base with the Star mark and PARAGON CHINA ENGLAND Peek-a-Boo Series.
The design's outline was transfer printed and then hand painted in enamels as are all the other Paragon children's china pieces from this period -(the technique is known as "print and tint").
Condition is very good with only slight wear. Pieces from this particular Chloe Preston series are now extremely scarce, and difficult to find now 100 years after their original production.

Dimensions :
Diameter : 6.25 inches