A Rising Hawk Long John Silver Egg Cup (Sold)

Stock No. 479 

A moulded Rising Hawk Long John Silver egg Cup with a peg leg, designed by Roger Michell initially for Lustre Pottery and subsequently Rising Hawk. This particular Walking Ware series was only ever made by Lustre Pottery and Rising Hawk, and was never produced by Carlton Ware, - thus its comparative scarcity.
Lustre Pottery originally made this series as hand thrown pieces, then when demand increased, they were moulded. After those examples Roger Michell gave Christopher Strangeways the sole right to produce and sell the Long John Silver series through his Rising Hawk pottery as a thank you for his help in generating initial interest in his Walking Ware range, before Carlton Ware took over the production and marketing of all the other Walking Ware series and special pieces in collaboration with Roger and his wife Danka.
Most of the Rising Hawk pieces from their Long John Silver series had labels either for Lustre Pottery or Rising Hawk, and over time most of those labels were lost. This particular example has a rarely seen "Rising Hawk England" printed backstamp on the base of the foot.
Condition is very good with no damage and very little hardly visible glaze crazing.

Dimensions :
Height : 2.5 inches

(See "Walking Ware A Collectors Guide" by Julia Michell on page 31 item no.18 in the design list.)