Europa and the Bull Gravy Boat designed by Roger Michell

Stock No. 478 

Based on the ancient Greek myth telling the story of Zeus (king of the Gods in the Greek pantheon) taking the form of a bull and coming down to earth to seduce Europa and carry her off! The Gravy boat modelled as ĎEuropa and the Bullí- Europa lying face upwards on the bullís back (and with the bullís head she forms the lid).
Designed, individually decorated and made by Roger Michell at his own Lustre Pottery in the 1980s. Only 100 or less were made of this unnumbered issue. (Roger Michell rarely completed 100 examples of any of his studio limited editions, and very few of these have been seen on the secondary market over the last 40 years). The Victoria and Albert museum have an example in their collection.
Painted signature "Michell" on the lower left section of Europa's garment.Condition is excellent with two professionally restored hairlines - now invisible.

Dimensions :
Height 10.4 inches.
Length 13.6 inches.