Carlton Ware Walking Ware "Happy Birthday" Present Jug (Sold)

Stock No. 472 

A scarce Carlton Ware / Lustre Pottery Walking Ware "Happy Birthday" Present Jug.Designed by Roger Michell for Carltonware around 1980. The jug is decorated as a gift with diagonal blue, green and white striped wrapping paper with the words "Happy Birthday" written in the white stripes. The stamp is franked with a circular mark reading "Carltonware Lustre Pottery" in a circle around "England 1980"
These jugs are unusual in their rhomboid cross-section and are one of the more scarce and very difficult to find Walking Ware items produced by Carlton Ware.
Condition is perfect, with no damages, wear or restorations.
Bears the combined semi-circular mark for Carlton Ware and Lustre Pottery for 1980 on the sole of one foot.

Dimensions :
height : 5 inches

(cf. Walking Ware A Collector's Guide by Julia Michell pp.8 & 39)