Carlton Ware Walking Ware Cross Legged (RJS) Tea Set - Sold

Stock No. 463 

A Carlton Ware / Lustre Pottery Walking Ware tea set with a long cross legged tea pot with yellow shoes, a tall cross legged sugar bowl and lid with blue shoes, and a long legged creamer with black boots.
This set was the second teaset design in the Carlton Ware Walking Ware range designed by Roger Michell that appeared in the late 1970s and was only produced for the few years up to the closure of the Carlton Ware factory in the 1980s. Consequently they are more scarce than the earlier set. This set is sometimes referred to as the RJS / set - (Running, Jumping and Standing still) - It was also accompanied by running cups and egg cups and long legged standing cups (see examples on this site). Apparently, the name adopted by Carlton Ware originally for this series included "Jumping" as an ironic and fun reference.

Teapot height (To top of finial on lid) : 9 ins.
Sugar Bowl height (To top of finial on lid) : 7 ins.
Milk Jug height : 4.5 ins.