Tumbling Clowns Limited Edition Teapot - (Sold)

Stock No. 232 

The Tumbling Clowns teapot was originally designed by Roger Michell for Carlton Ware in the 1970s as part of the Lustre Pottery "Circus Range", and had little decoration. After Carlton Ware ceased production in the 1980s, Lustre Pottery released a small number of individually decorated examples.
This example is from a further small edition of 16 hand decorated pots made in 2005. This one is number 7 and bears that hand-written number along with "Lustre Pottery" and the initials for Roger Michell (RSM) and Danka Napiorkowska (DN) underglaze on the base see photo). Danka Napiorkowska was the decorator of this particular teapot (she decorated the first 9 of the 16 in the edition). The mould has been destroyed, so there cannot be any further examples produced.

Dimensions :
height :9.5 inches

(cf. Novelty Teapots - Five Hundred Years of Art and Design by Edward Bramah. Quiller Press 1992 page 177)