Carlton Ware Tumbling Skier Teapot by Roy Simpson

Stock No. 257 

A novelty teapot modelled as a portly man (dressed as a snowman) having a tumble on skis. This pot was designed by Roy Simpson in the early 1980ís and produced by Carltonware. This example has some blue decoration instead of the more commonly seen yellow decoration on this pot. Condition is excellent.
Printed mark for Carlton Ware.
Roy Simpson designed a number of tea pots for Luber and this one for Carlton Ware depicting people in various professions and activities, all with a comical slant. They are among the better of the post-war novelty teapots produced.

Dimensions :

Height 6.75 inches

(cf. Novelty Teapots - Five Hundred Years of Art and Design by Edward Bramah. Quiller Press 1992 page 209.)