Paragon Tinker Tailor Series Teapot by Louis Wain

Stock No. 468 

An extraordinarily scarce Paragon teapot from the Tinker Tailor Series (which was first issued in 1918) decorated with signed illustrations by Louis Wain (famed for his comic illustrations of cats). On one side is the Illustration entitled "Hauling the Rope" - depicting three anthropomorphic cats dressed as deck hands hauling a rope (reminiscent of the sea shanty "Way Haul Away") and below bearing the facsimile signature of Louis Wain.
On the other side is the illustration entitled "Off for a Ride" depicting an anthropomorphic cat dressed in yellow jodhpur breeches and a green jacket holding the reins mounted astride a larger cat which appears to be galloping at speed, again bearing the facsimile signature below of Louis Wain.
The lid is decorated with some small vignettes (See illustration above).
Condition is outstandingly excellent with no damage or restoration and no wear to the hand coloured enamels or crazing to the glaze.
Marked to the base with the Paragon Star mark and "PARAGON FINE BONE CHINA MADE IN ENGLAND Tinker Tailor Series".

Height : 5.5 inches

(Note: The "Hauling the Rope" design is found illus. on p.14 and listed on p.120 in Gifts for Good Children by Maureen Batkin Part 2.Whereas the "Off for a Ride" design is so scarce it was not listed or illustrated in that excellent reference work.)