A Rocking Whistle Eggcup Formed as a Stork

Stock No. 460 

An extremely rare Rocking and Whistle egg cup modelled as a stork painted in enamel colours - blue, brown, black, and with pale green and lilac lustre glazes, with a whistle protruding from the rear and on a curved base.
Marked to the base with the circular mark reading "Foreign".
Novelty eggcups pre-dating the 2nd world war which were made in Germany for the British market commonly bear that mark.
Whistle egg cups are fairly rare. Rocking egg cups are especially rare (as they were rocked by children and frequently ended up broken and thrown out as a result) - so a rocking whistle egg cup is consequently extraordinarily rare.

Dimensions :
Height : 3 inches

(Note : Not listed in Egg Cups an Illustrated History by Brenda C Blake or Collecting Egg Cups - An Introduction to Pocillovy by Winnie Freeman)