Paragon Peek-a-Boo mug designed by Chloe Preston

Stock No. 455 

An extremely rare Paragon porcelain mug from the Peek-a-Boo Series, designed by Chloe Preston in 1918 and produced in 1919, illustrated with 2 little girls dressed as Red Cross nurses riding in a wagon bearing a Red Cross flag, drawn by a galloping donkey (also bearing Red Cross insignia). Entitled "HURRYING TO RED CROSS HOSPITAL " in the design and also marked with the printed signature "CHLOE PRESTON"
This mug bears a related illustration and is from the same (Peek-a-Boo) series as a baby's bowl illustrated in Gifts For Good Children vol. 2 by Maureen Batkin, page 120 which is entitled "Red Cross Sisters". In fact, the pieces from this series are so scarce that only the teaplate noted above is illustrated in that excellent reference work on children's china.
This series was designed at the end of the first World War, when young boys would typically play at being soldiers and little girls as nurses - emulating the majority of their elders who had largely been involved in World War 1 for the preceding years.
Marked to the base with the Star mark and PARAGON CHINA ENGLAND Peek-a-Boo Series.
The outline of the design is transfer printed and then hand painted in enamels as are all the other Paragon children's china pieces from this period.
Very good condition with little or no wear, with a few minute smudge marks to the brown painted rim (see illustration above and only mentioned for accuracy).

Dimensions :
Height : 2.75 inches