Margaret Thatcher Teapot designed by "Luck and Flaw"

Stock No. 444 

1980s Margaret Thatcher Teapot after their "Spitting Image" puppet design by Peter Fluck and Roger Law.
Spitting Image was an extremely popular TV political and cultural satire series of the 1980s and 1990s featuring comical puppets of the leading figures of the day designed by Peter Fluck and Roger Law and who marketed themselves and their productions under the title "Luck and Flaw".
Condition is excellent
Impressed marks to base "Luck and Flaw Made in England"

Dimensions :
height : 7.5 inches

(cf. Edward Bramah's "NOVELTY TEAPOTS five hundred years of art and design" pub.1992 page 188 Bramah claims that these teapots were manufactured by Carlton Ware, however, if this is true then the example illustrated above most likely pre-dates Carlton Ware examples as Carlton Ware extremely rarely produced anything without their own printed mark being displayed. eg. on items too small for the backstamp - which is certainly not the case in this instance)