1930s Scarce Whistle Egg Cup Modelled as a Dog (Sold)

Stock No. 311 

A 1930s whistle egg cup modelled as a dog and decorated in a white lustre glaze with black, grey, red and green detailing. Whistle eggcups pre-dating the 2nd World War are now very scarce and were largely made in Germany for the the British market. However, this one is marked with a lateral stamp to base, reading "Foreign", which is how some Japanese pre war eggcups which were made for the European market were marked during that period. Condition is very good but with a small chip to the rim.

Dimensions :
height : 2.5 inches
length : 3.5 inches


(For more information on Whistle Egg Cups see Collecting Egg Cups An Introduction To Pocillovy by Winnie Freeman 1984 pp.41 - 42)
see also
(Egg Cups An Illustrated History and Price Guide by Brenda C. Blake 1995 pp.29-30 + 168)