Early Set of Moulded Lustre Pottery Walking Ware Cups - (Sold)

Stock No. 291 

A set of four scarce moulded Lustre Pottery Walking Ware cups designed by Roger Michell for Lustre Pottery. These moulded examples are slightly taller, have wider bowls, flared rims, smaller feet and narrower ankles than the later Carlton Ware Lustre Pottery examples. Notably, these cups have the same sock and shoe patterns that were adopted later by Carlton Ware. Only the extremely scarce hand thrown Lustre Pottery examples predate these Walking Ware cups.
Unmarked like the Long John Silver range as these moulded cups originally also had paper labels for Lustre Pottery and understandably most examples have lost their labels in the decades since they were made.

Dimensions :
height : 3.5 inches