Carlton Ware Walking Ware Salt and Pepper Cruets/Shakers (Sold)

Stock No. 211 

A pair of Carlton Ware Walking Ware salt and pepper cruets / shakers with blue shoes designed by Roger Michell for Carlton Ware and Lustre Pottery in the 1970s.
Printed marks for Carlton Ware and Lustre Pottery on the base of each.
N. B.
(Unmarked examples do exist and are almost certainly not by Carlton Ware / Lustre Pottery - and most probably made by Price Kensington at a later date. Shapes and/or sizes of Price Kensington pieces and the colour palette used sometimes vary from the Carlton Ware examples. For instance, an odd unmarked Walking Ware salt shaker offered on Ebay recently is described as "just under 6 inches high" - nearly an inch taller than the properly marked Carlton Ware examples offered here. Original studio examples from Lustre Pottery are nearly always hand marked, with very few exceptions. This is a 'good rule of thumb' for assessing most Walking Ware ceramics).

Original stoppers present. Very good condition with some light crazing.

Dimensions :
height : 5 inches

(cf. Walking Ware A Collector's Guide by Julia Michell p.29)