Carlton Ware Walking Ware Pair of Big Foot Napkin Rings

Stock No. 196 

A pair of Carlton Ware Walking Ware Big Foot Napkin Rings designed by Roger Michell for Carlton Ware and Lustre Pottery and produced in the late 1970s - early 1980s. These 'Big Foot' napkin rings are scarce items from a scarce series and have have yellow polka dot shoes.

This is an extremely rare example of Carlton Ware/Lustre Pottery Walking Ware that was purposefully not marked with a backstamp. The reason being that the foot on which it stands is hollow to its base (to facilitate manufacture) and the remaining upturned foot was not stamped (otherwise it would be visible when standing upright and spoil the aesthetic of the design). Perfect condition.

Dimensions :
height : 3.25 inches
length : 5.25

(cf. Walking Ware A Collector's Guide by Julia Michell p.44)