Shelley China (large size) Mug by Mabel Lucie Attwell - (Sold)

Stock No. 260 

A 1926 - 1939 Shelley large size mug designed by Mabel Lucie Attwell. These Mabel Lucie Attwell mugs were made in 2 sizes, and they are now becoming difficult to find (and especially these larger sized ones). This example bears the inscription " No Mr. Fairy - that won't do - I don't want to make a fuss - A fairy house may well suit you - It won't fit us!". Condition is excellent with no repairs or damages. This is a pre 1939 example bearing printed marks for Shelley (1920s / 1930s).

Dimensions :
height : 3.25 inches
diameter : 3.25 inches

( cf. Gifts For Good Children vol. 2 by Maureen Batkin, pattern illus.on pages 10, 155, 156 and 157).